There are many programs offered to the community through HCM and local community collaborators.

HCM Payment & Financial Assistance Information

The federal government has stipulated discounts depending on income and number of dependents. Also, as a non-profit hospital, Hill Country Memorial provides free or reduced cost health care to qualifying patients each year. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you think you will have trouble paying your medical bills, talk confidentially with one of our patient financial representatives before your procedure and figure out the discounts you’re entitled to and a plan that works for you.

Further financial information

The patient (or in the case of a minor, the guarantor), is directly responsible for all charges incurred during treatment at Hill Country Memorial. In the case of Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation or certain PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) with which we have contracts, a patient’s responsibility may be limited by certain contractual and participation agreements. Depending on the coverage a patient has, a deposit may be required upon admission. The estimated patient portion is determined by their insurance company’s information to us on the percentages, co-payments and deductibles acquired at the time of preauthorization and insurance verification.

Hospital and physician charges are separate

The individual physicians are independent contractors and are not employees of the hospital. Their charges will be billed and handled by their individual offices. For example, if x-rays are taken that require reading by a radiologist, the radiologist will send a separate bill; if a biopsy or tissue sample is taken, the pathologist will send a separate bill; if surgery is involved, the surgeon, surgeon assistant (if necessary) and the anesthesiologist will all send separate bills. For an emergency room visit, the patient will receive a separate bill from the ER physicians. HCM will bill any insurance company in the United States for the hospital charges provided we are supplied with all of the insured’s necessary identification and group numbers, insurance company names and addresses, claim numbers, claim forms (if required) and any other information the insurance company requires us to send. Filing a claim does not necessarily imply an “in network” status with the insurance company. Primary carriers will be billed after hospital charges are calculated and input into our system and medical records coding is complete. Secondary carriers will be billed upon receipt of payment or denial from the primary carrier. The primary carrier’s determination of payment will be forwarded to the secondary carrier at that time. Except in the case of Medicaid or Worker’s Compensation claims, patient statements will be sent to keep our patients informed of the status of their accounts. The HCM billing office will track insurance claims and do whatever is necessary and within our power to assure prompt payment from these companies. Patients need to be aware that, in many instances, insurance companies will not allow us to make or inform them of certain changes that may have taken place with the insured that affects their coverage. At those times, the patient will need to become directly involved with the insurance companies on their own behalf. When all insurance companies have been contacted and have either paid, denied or not responded after a predetermined length of time, the balance is then considered the patient’s responsibility and payment will be expected at that time. The patient statements will indicate the status of all insurance claims.

Hospital Charges

For in-patient stay, the daily room charge includes the cost of nursing service, meals, linens, housekeeping and other support services. In addition to your daily room charge, you will be billed for charges of treatment prescribed by your physician. Charges for patient services are posted to the patient’s account 24-48 hours after a service is provided. Therefore, your final statement may be greater than the balance represented at dismissal. Payment for this balance is due when you receive your final bill. Your hospital bill does not include any fees for the professional services of your physician or other consultants. These professionals will send separate bills.

Financial Assistance

Various state and local assistance programs are available for patients who qualify for them. Our patient representatives will be happy to confidentially help you apply to these programs for financial aid if you have no insurance and/or cannot meet your portion of the charges.

Do you have payment or billing questions?
Please call (830) 997-1260 to speak with one of our patient financial representatives.

Good Samaritan Center,
Community Health

The Good Samaritan Center is a faith based charitable medical and dental clinic that helps low-income individuals and families that have no health insurance. They serve residents in Blanco, Gillespie, Kimble, Llano, and Mason Counties. Their service area also extends to people who live in the towns of Comfort and Brady. The Good Samaritan Center is a community health collaborator, and not affiliated with HCM.