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Conversation with Roy Stroeher & Betty Olfers Brother and sister, Roy Stroeher and Betty (Stroeher) Olfers are descendants of early Fredericksburg settlers. Just like their parents, grandparents and great grandparents before them, Roy and Betty always lived and worked in Fredericksburg. Stroeher & Sons and Stroeher and Olfers, is the local family business. It was started by their father, Edgar Stroeher in… Read More
Conversation with Keri Kropp Keri Kropp’s retail locations in Historic Downtown Kerrville include—Schreiner Goods, SG Home, and Keri Kropp Space. Her lifestyle brand for each business is for her, really all about ‘quality and beauty.’ In October, Keri paired fashion with philanthropy for the Courage is Contagious charity event hosted at Schreiner Goods. Proceeds benefitted Hill Country Memorial’s Breast… Read More
Conversation with Dr. Mark DeLeon and Jessica DeLeon Dr. Mark DeLeon is board certified in medical oncology and hematology. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force. While in the Air Force, Dr. DeLeon served as a staff physician and department chair in Hematology-Oncology at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio. He is currently serving as Chief of Staff… Read More