Built on a dream to support a superior health care experience, right here in the Hill Country.

Our health care, here in the Hill Country. For good.

If you live near Central Texas, you’re already a part of our extended family. The medical experts at Hill Country Memorial have always strived to provide the best possible care and medical experience for you and your family.

As a community health care system, we were born to support and strengthen the area that we are honored to call home. Our goal is to provide life-long fitness, wellness and health to the men, women and children of Central Texas and beyond.

By joining hands and combining resources, we can produce an enduring health care business with a range across our vast state reach through the generations of our families and beyond.

Together, we can build much more than a substantial medical network. We can build a better, brighter tomorrow.

Let’s Define Community

There are many things that make our community special, but perhaps the greatest of these is people sharing common values. We have all chosen to be here and to preserve the good that has been established.

Community is not limited to just geographical proximity. Our community is anyone who has been touched by HCM, including those far beyond the service area. You may be surprised how many others, far and wide, share a stake in our health care being here.