“For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other”, Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity.

Every other year, Hill Country Memorial (HCM) chooses a meaningful project to fundraise for by throwing a memorable Gala event. In 2019, Gala XVIII: Give Wellness, will be a celebration of wellness benefiting the revitalization of the HCM Wellness Center.

Through this “Give Wellness” project, HCM will be positioned to accommodate our community’s growing needs and provide an important and valuable service to members. HCM prides itself on commitment and service to community and the revitalization of the Wellness Center is the next step to continuing that care and furthering our commitment to the Hill Country.

The Wellness Center has reached peak membership group class capacity. As the population of the Texas Hill Country continues to rise, an increased emphasis on keeping this population healthy and engaging in an active lifestyle is paramount. The current Wellness Center does not have the physical space to handle the wellness needs and desires of our community.

The Wellness Center Revitalization project expects to have a significant impact on the lives of community members. By providing numerous opportunities to get healthy, the Wellness Center aims to increase membership, offer a greater diversity of programs and promote all areas of physical health and well-being. Additionally, by allowing the community to take control over their personal health, by helping them set and achieve goals and by assisting in screening and rehabilitation metrics, the Wellness Center aims to strengthen the overall health of the community resulting in fewer hospital visits and a quicker recovery time from major procedures. Community enthusiasm towards health and well-being is expected to increase as well due to the ease and availability of equipment and classroom usage. Expanded hours provide a more suitable time schedule for a busy community and also minimizes competition for classroom spaces and equipment.

The success of the Wellness Center Revitalization hinges upon the support of our local community. All proceeds from Gala XVIII will be utilized to assist in funding the Wellness Center Revitalization Project. Community participation and generosity has been a staple of Hill Country Memorial’s success dating back to its inception in 1971. Please join us as we continue to extend this honorable tradition of giving with a generous gift in support of your Wellness Center