Thank you to our Give Wellness Donors who supported the cause to bring the Perry and Ruby Stevens Wellness Center to life. Your support will help empower Hill Country Residents on their wellness journey to live happier and healthier lives!




4.0 Cellars
4ip Nexstream
Dr. Mike and Shawn Abel
Absolute Charm Real Estate Group
Access Physicians
LaRue Acosta
Rob Adams
Shari L. Addington
Admiral Nimitz Foundation
Deborah Agnew
Finn Alban
Jesse and Maria Aleman
Claude Alexander
Elizabeth Althaus
Robin Altson
Julie and Chuck Alvarez
American Campus
Debra Anderson
Greg and Laurie Andreassian
Angele Anson
Jack and Lucy Ann Arnold
Arrowhead Bank
Royce and Maryln Ashley
James and Jo Ann Ashmore
Jim Atkerson
Christina Atkinson
Donna Atwood
Chris Avery
Estela Avery
Jim Bacon
Denise and Philip Bahr
David Baker
Taylor Baker
Carissa Ballard – European Day Spa
Jackie Balsam
Ann Baltzer
The Bamberger Foundation
Jerry and Marsha Bane
Barefoot Campus Outfitters
Deborah Barnette
Sarah and Jesse Barter
James Bartlett
Robert and Linda Bates
Carol and John Batterton
Jim and Arvella Bauman
Mark and Sharon Beall
Carol Beasley
Marie Beaver
Jeanette A. Beckmann
Max Beckmann
Randall and Amy Beckmann
Aaron Beeman
Bella Luz, MD, Kathy Simmons
Kendall and Bonnie Benad
Elaine Bennett
Peggy Benson
Steve and Sue Bertram
Barry Beyer
Kyle Biedermann
Biedermann’s Ace Hardware
Bierschwale-Rees Insurance, Todd and Karen Willingham and Frosty and Susan Rees
Ronald A. Bigoness
Sandra and Mike Birdlebough
Shannon Black
Blackchalk Home and Laundry
Carolyn Bleacher
Blumenhandler Florist
Adam Blythe
Bob Price Chevrolet Buick GMC
Billy and Frances Bode
Virginia Bode
Matt and Sara Bogler
Joan and Terry Bonn
Robin Boone
Boot Ranch
Mike Borchers, DDS and Shari Addington, MD
Christie Bourquin
Sandy Boyd
Katharine Boyette
Michael and Donna Braden
Mr. and Mrs. Linn Brady
Rachael Brewer
Ann Brey
Rebecca Scripps Brickner
Brilliance Bodywork
Broadway Bank
Mary Brogan and Kate Heiner
Sean Broughton
Debbie Bruno
Allan and Betty Buchmeier
Linda Burdett
Ken and Jean Burenga
Norm Burnette
David and Dorothy Burow
Ross Burtwell – Cabernet Grill and Cotton Gin Village
Cindy and Bruce Busby
Jose Bustillos
Margaret Cady
Sandra Cailloux
The Cailloux Foundation
Roger and René Cameron
Cameron-Brooks, Inc.
Bob and Tina Campbell
Dr. Lou and Laura Campbell
Dr. Errol and Susan Candy
David and Alona Canfield
Jill and Ken Carr
Champe and Erin Carter
Rorie Cartier
Chris Casseb Clothing Company
Jim and Brenda Cauthen
Casey Cazes
Centennial Bank, a division of Happy State Bank
Robert Chambers
Judy Chase
Skip and Linda Cheslak
Lonnie and Valarie Childs
The Christmas Store
Stacey Cianchetti
Matthew Clarke
Leonard and Sylvia Claus
Clear River
Cynthia O. Clegg, MD (Hill Country Dermatology)
JeriLynne Clifford
The Club at Baron’s CreekSide
Veleda Coan
Suzanne Cobb
Brenda Cole
Terry and Cathy Collier
Cornerstone Clinic – Dr. Kristi Stafford, Dr. Nancy Rickerhauser, Dr. John Ramsay, Dr. Karen Cornett and Dr. Matthew Hoermann
Sid and Debra Colwart
The Commercial Bank
Robert Constantine
Jane N. Convery
Laura Cook
Ken Esten Cooke
Alan R. Cooper and Susan Marshall
Amy and Justin Cop/Fredericksburg Realty
Lana Cop
Pearl Cornell
Karen Cornett
Debbie Sherrill Courtney – The Sherrill Family Foundation
Peggy Cox and Aaron Beeman
Ashley and Ethan Crane
Creative Awards – Wayne and Sherry Rode
Cammie Crenwelge
Connie Crenwelge
Dale and Abbie Crenwelge / Hidden Springs
Dan and Karron Crenwelge
Jonathan Crenwelge
Crenwelge Motor Sales – Fredericksburg and Kerrville
Cross Mountain Vineyards
Susan Crouch
Marshall and Mary Cunningham
Kay Daigle
Christine Damewood
Maryneil Dance
Milton and Sandra Dare
Jeff and Stephanie Darnaby
Karen Davies
Billy and Joanne Davis
Jessica Davis
Linda Davis and Bruce Williams, Jayne and Jack Kendall and Sherrill Winter
Richard Davis
Jennifer M. Dean
Charlie and Diane Deaton
James Decker
Janet Degenhardt
Levi D. Deike
Margaret Deike
Dian Graves Owen Foundation
Leigh Dempsey
Der Kuchen Laden
Carson Dickie
Shane and Deborah Dickinson
Dean and Laurie Dietel
Dietel & Son Printing
Toan Dinh
Judy Dittmar
Don and Robbyn Dodd
Dolores’ Unique Design
Don L. and Julie Holden Foundation
Jody and Sheila Donovan
Edward Dooley
Margaret Dooley
Dooley’s 5, 10 $ 25c Store, Inc.
Daniel Dorman
Wayne and Roslyn Dozier
John and Marcia Draper
Clayton and Christy Drescher
Baker Duncan
Gerald and Donna Dunn
Mickey and Teresa Dunn
Lee Dunsirn
Jerry and Laura Durr
Dutchman’s Market, Inc.
Jan Cox Dwyer
Clarence Dykstra
Eagle Global Advisory, LLC
Lloyd and Mary Easterling
Brian and Mary Eckert
Carlton W. Eckert and Chrissy Stuewe
Linda Eckhardt
Sarah Eckhardt
Rev. Sherrell H. Eckstein
Doug Edwards
Jasper Eisenberg
Jayne Elliott
Stephen Elliott
Hannah Ellwanger
Dustin and Angela Embrey
Emma + Ollie
Judy Enderlin
Ron and Connie Endres
Cynthia England
Doris Ernst
Allen W. and Debra Ersch
Paco Espinoza
Rosemary and Dick Estenson
Kathy Estes
Joe and Phyllis Estill
Hannah Ellwanger
European Day Spa of Fredericksburg
Thomas Evans
Scott Faber
Richard Fairchild
M.A. Faubion
Carol Feller
Happy Feller
Dr. Lorence and Florine Feller Family
David and Gail Felts
Fergie’s Detail Shop
Rikki Tai Ferrell
Carol Feuge
Fiddlin’ Frogs
Nancy M. Fields
Dale and Mary Finch
Finck Cigar Company
Christopher A. Fincke, MD
First United Bank
Case and Deanna Fischer
Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods
FISD Athletics
Brandon Fitz
Austine Fleener
Bill and Mary Flintom
John and Carole Flournoy
Brian and Heather Fojt
Kimberlee and Michael Foster
Paul and Marilyn Fovel
James and Crystal Fox
Jay Frankel
Rob and Laurie Franklin
Lester and Roxanne Frantzen
Frantzen, Kaderli & Klier
Fred and Becky Wilson Foundation
Fredericksburg Clinic, PLLC
Fredericksburg Dentistry – Jay Lindsay and Tom Schmidt
Fredericksburg Eye Associates
Fredericksburg Funeral Home
Fredericksburg Jewelers
Fredericksburg Massage Therapy
Fredericksburg Popcorn Emporium
Fredericksburg Standard – Radio Post
Fredericksburg Theater Company
Gerald and Gladys Frels, DDS
Kyle F. Frey
Stephen Fry
Sylvia Fritz
George Frushour
Stephen Fry
Full House Productions
Dr. Kevin and Cindy Gallagher
Sam and Dolores Garrison
Garrison Brothers Distillery
Dr. Reg and Linda Gartner
David and Sandee Gasmire
Helen Gazewood
Adam and Megan Geistweidt
Grant and Misty Giles
Martha and Lee Gisclon
John and Beth Glowacki
Jonathan and Sharla Godfrey
Janet Goetz
Maxine Goff
Valoree Goines
Christina Gonzalez
Bruce and Jane Good
Cayenne Goodman
Jim and Laurie Goodman
Dr. Bill and Jolene Gordon
Felicia Gordon
Anna and Mark Gossi
Karen Gotcher
Ellen Granado
Grape Creek Vineyards
Doug and Suzanne Gray
Kenneth and Sherry Greak
Natalie and S.L. Greenberg
Noah Greene
Dr. and Mrs. Greenlee
Julie Greenwood and John Weber
Nancy R. Grimes
Irene Grote
The Grote Family Trust
Gabriele B. Gruschkus
Capt. Christine Gruschkus – Wright
Guadalupe National Bank
Ann Hagerty
Felix and Emabelle Hahn
Cullen Haley
Tom and Annamarie Hall
Emmelyne J. Hallford
Margaret Hallford
Mark and Kelly Hallman
John Austin Hanna and Sherry Hanna
Peggy and Joseph Hannon
Brad and Susan Hardin
David A. Hardison
William R. Hargrove
Billy Harrell
Dudley Harris and Cynthia Vondrak
Elizabeth Harris
Jim and Glenda Harris
Joanie P. Harris
LaNell and Dan Hartmann
James Hartmann
Ken and Ardis Hasenbeck
Elizabeth Hawronsky
HCM Breast Center
HCM Wellness Center
Brian Heath
Sean and Cassell Heep
Bob and Laura Hefner
Winifred Heidenreich
Cindy Heifner
Bob and Barbara Heinen, Deanne and Denise
Pam Hellman
John Henderson
Harvey and Nan Hengst
Hunter Henke
Larry and Darlene Henke
Neil and Deborah Henke – Superior Services Tree Care
Janet Herber
Carla Herbig
Bryan and Lori Herbort
Heritage School
Jessica Herrera
Joe and Juanita Herrera
John and Susie Hever
Robert and Judy Hickerson
Mary Hickok
Mary K. Hicks
Virginia Higdon
Harlan and Rex Ann Hill
Jim Hill
Hill Country Chefs
Hill Country Gynastics
Hill Country Outfitters
Hill Country Titles, Inc.
PJ Hillin
Jacqueline Mary Himes
Brooke Hodges
Sharon Hodges
Thomas Hoefel
Rick and Pat Hoerster
Richard L. Hoerster and John Steven Hoerster
Rick and Pat Hoerster
Zac and Andria Hoerster
Barbara and Paul Hofmann
Daniel and Katie Hofmann
Louise Homilius
Afton Hominick
Winter Honig Peuziat
Jeryl and Ruthann Hoover
Alice Hopf
Joanne P. Hopkins
Steve and Carol Hopkins
Erica Hopper
Larry Houston
Rhonda Hoyt
Maria Hubbard and Clayton Hubbard
Erin Huff
David and Beth Hughes
Royce and Barbara Hunter
Huser Construction Co., Inc.
John and Judy Hutcherson
Dr. Tom and Trudy Hutton
Tom Hynes
Mary Rees Iacoboni
Insight Gallery
James Jackson
Larry and Jeannie Jackson – Larry Jackson Fine Art & Antiques
James Avery
Danita Jarreau
Gladys Jenkins
Bernice Jenschke
Stanley Jensen
Jill Holland Art
Jo Johns
Billy and Susan Johnson
David Johnson
Michael Johnson
Richard and DeAnn Johnson
Richard E. and Sue C. Johnson
Barbara Jones
Vick and Mairi Jones
Sharon Joseph and Jim McAfee
Joseph Financial Partners
Joan Josephs
Greg and Holly Jozwiak Chariatable Fund
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Judy’s Liquor
Ann and Brian Junker
Susan Junker
Thomas and Marty Kaderli
Marjorie Kass
A.C. and Mary Kast
Galeria Kauachi
Liz Kauachi
Loine Kauachi, The Monk’s Table
Mike and Barbara Kearney
Joel and Jolene Keefer
Linda Kemp
Jack and Jayne Kendall
Kendra Scott
Jack and Lorri Kendrick
William Kerr
Kerri Kropp Design
Richard Kibel
Vinson and Sandra Kirchner
Tony and Debbie Klein
Robyn Klenk
Margaret and Gary Klenzing
Hayden Knopp
Paul and Mona Knopp
Judy Koch
Jeanette and Norman Koger
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kordzik
Clint and Allison Kotal
Riley and Martha Kothmann
Kowert Real Estate – Romney and Wanda Kowert
Charlie and Zala Koym
Leslie Krieg
Steven and Nicole Kroeger Charitable Gift Fund
Steve and Nicole Kroger
Golda Susie Krumholz
Jennifer Krupa
Bonnie Kuehn
Charles and Raynette Kuenemann
Larry and Jeannie Kuhlken
Kuhlmann Cellars
Bet Kullak
Carol Kullman
Barry Lafferty
Barbara Lake
Stacy Lorraine
Michael and Barbara Larson
Gene and Diane Lassitter
Robert and Abban Lastovica
Richard Laughlin
Ms. F.H. Law
In Memory of Lynn Lawther, Donated by Fonza Lawther
Steve and Sherri Layton
Leather Bank by Collins of Texas
Ira Lee
Jack E. Lee
John and Allison Leftwich
Kristy LeJeune
Dorothy B. Leslie
Brenda Lessor
Debbie Lewis
Dianne Lewis
John and Kathleen Lewis
Mary Ann M. Lewis
Liebeskind Children’s Boutique
Pamela and Gary Liddell
James and Janet Lindley
Mary Little
Lizard Dreaming Yoga
Ernie and Karen Loeffler
Susan and Steven Longley
Lost Draw Cellars
Steve and Judy Louden
Lance and LeeAnn Love
Carl and Vickie Luckenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Luckenbach
Annie Lutz
Susan Mahoney
Brent and Sherri Major
Sheri and Dr. Michael Majors
Mamacita’s Restaurant
Angela Mancino
Amy Manuel
Steve Marasovich
Gary Marburger
Billy and Martha Martin
Dale and Rhonda Martin
Steven Martinez
Conrad and Brenda Matysiak
Curtis and Donna Mayo
Rogers and Haazra Mays
Myrtle and Victor Mazinke
Mark Mazur
Steve and Randye McAnally
Joyce McAnear
Penny C. McBride
Pat McConnell
Allison McDade
Bobby McGehee
Mart and Janie McMillan
Sharon and Peter Mear
Brad and Courtney Mechler
Mrs. Victor Meier
Janice and Robert Menking
Alysha and John Metzger
Klaus and Kathy Meybaum
Gail Mikosh
Eddie and Kelly Miller
Jyl Miller
Melissa Miller
Mini Mart and the Fritz Family
Jean Moffett
Steven W. Mohr
Erwin and Amy Montgomery
Kevin Montgomery
Mary Austin Moody
Rachel Moore
Sharon Moreno
Jane and Keith Morgan
Suzanne Morhart
Paulette Moser
Nan and Robert Mosley
Fred and Kirsten Moss
Ms. Rhonda’s School of Dance
Virginia Muncey
Kathy and Robert Murray
Tom and Kelly Musselman
Mustard Design Architects
LeAnn Myers
Rebecca Nail
Natural Nails and Spa
Greg and Shea Nebgen
David and Karen Neeley
Cynthia Nelson
Guillermina Neri
Linda Nevels
Susan and Nicky Neves
Nexmov – Luxury Moving Solutions with Concierge Service
Bruce Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nightingale
Elaine Bode Notario
Greg and Donna Oehler
Charlie and Donna Oglesby
Kathy O’Neill
One Quilt Place
Opa’s Smoked Meats
Karen O’Rourke
Moneca Osbon
Tissa Fitzhugh Osborne
Troy and Karlene Ottmers
Otto’s German Bistro
Kerwin and Anne Overby
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Owens
Suzanne Owens
Ox Ranch & Drive
Matt and Pinky Pace
Tammy Pack
Debbie Page
Jennifer and Cody Page
Stacy Page
Beverly Jo Pankratz
James R. Pankratz
Jon Pankratz
Norman and Reba Pape
Brainerd Parrish
Dr. James and Patricia Partin
Parts Unknown
David and Clair Pasahow
Pathology Reference Laboratory – Dr. Addington
Tom and Donna Pazera
The Peach Tree Restaurant and Gifts
Bill Peeples and Terese Ferguson
Ms. Virginia E. Pehl
Carol Penn
The Perry & Ruby Stevens Charitable Foundation
Vikki Persyn
Raye J. “Ikey” Peter
Rose Lou Petermann
Mark Peterson
Bill Petmecky
Blaine and Debbie Phelps
JP Phelps
Robert B. Phelps
Phil Jackson’s Granite and Iron Store
Dennis and Sandy Phillips
Mary Jane Philpy-Dollins
Hetsy Pickard
Kathy and John R. Pipkin
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Plautz
Clint and Anne Pluenneke
Don and Cindy Poarch
Eric and Devynn Polivka
Maureen and Tom Polivka
Pontotoc Vineyard
Jayne and Stephen Pope
Della Potucek
Britt and Christy Pounds
Mitzi Powell
Poulson Brothers, Too LLC
Margie and Kenneth Priess
Mary Priestley
Pritzer Sweet Shop
The Preserve
Nettie Pruett
Jason Puchot
Pur Isolabs
Marlene Pylate, Ind. Consultant, Arbonne International
Charles and Susan Quindry
Quoin, LLC
David Ramirez
Debbie Ramsey
Patrick and Sarah Ramsey
Raj and Sally Randeri
Caroline Knopp Rangnow
Rebecca Rather
Raven and Lily
Anna Reed
Michael and Joan Reed
Carol and Robbie Reeh
Reeh Plumbing
Frosty and Susan Rees
Hugh and Becky Reeves
Raeann Reid
Euna Reiter
RE/MAX Town & Country
Deborah Renick
Patricia Renick
Mike and Hollie Reno
Epitacio Resendez
Laura L. Rhodes
Joanne Richards
Melanie Richards and Nick Gombos
Ann Richardson
Dr. Nancy Rickerhauser
David and Lynn Ripley
Roxanne Rivas
Beverly Roark
Debbie Roberts
John and Rhonda Roberts
Laura Roberts
John and Rhonda Roberts
Tim and Tamara Roberts
Cheryl Robison
Veronica Robles
Sherry and Wayne Rode
Rode’s Pipe & Iron
Ray Rodgers
Elias and Sharon Rodriquez
Misty Roeder
Tammy Rohlf
Dirkes and Jimmie Rolston
Romancing the Stone
Sandra Romanick
Rosa’s Serenity Day Spa
Lola Roseberry
E.J. Rosser, Jr.
Paul and Mary Rothband
Cheri and Bill Rothermel
Mary Roye
RS Hanna Gallery
Rudy and Myla Schmuck Memorial Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation
Jimmie Russell
Cicero Alexander Rust
RVK Architects, Huser Construction Company and Keener Engineering Services
RVK Architechts Jason and Julie Puchot
Joe Salgado
Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. Salinas, Sr.
Fina Sampere
George and Mary Ann S. Sanchez
Raul and Margie Sanchez
Clare Santacroce
Stanley Sauer
Claude Sanders
Allan and Bobbye Lew Sawatzky
Alice and Byron Scarborough
Bryon Schaetter
Harry and Dr. Mary Scharold
Schreiner Goods
Barbara G. Scherer
Wolfgang W. Scheuerer
Dr. Charles and Loretta Schmidt
Frances Schmidt
Jennifer Schneider
Carl and Cristol Schoessow
Chris and Gayle Schoessow
Allan and Linda Schoonover
Sandra Schrenk
Anna Marie and Knox Schroller
James and Constance Schultz
Matthew Schumann
Marilyn and A.C. Schwethelm
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Scripps
The Seasons
Dan and Reneé Sechrist
Security State Bank & Trust
Al and Cathy Seddon
Kimberly Seidensticker
Chris Semmler
Becky Senter
Charles Serafini
Ann Shafer
Kathryn Sharrock
Mike and Nancy Shaw
Shearer Publishing
Carol Ann Shepherd
The Sherrill Family Foundation
Shops on Llano
John and Suzanne Shore
Carol J. Sibilly
Callie Sides
Tom and Fran Sidlo
Sierra Homes
Savannah Sikes
Martin Simon
Simple Goods & Designs
Tula Smajstrla
Christopher Smith
Charolette and Don Smith
Cole Smith, CrossFit
Darla Smith
Joyce and Bolton Smith
Linda R. Smith
Richard G. and Virginia Smith
Scotty and Debb Smith
Susie Smith
Joan Smith – Schrenk and Roger Schrenk
Karen Snowden
Lara Snyder
Kelly Sosland
South Texas Radiology Group
Sozial Haus – Bill and Leslie Embrey
Michael and Jana Speck
Capt. Roger Spencer
Harlan and Dian Stai
Stark Martin Charitable Trust
Dene Staudt
St. David’s HealthCare
Kay Stech
Christa Steekelenburg and Hartley Clay
Glenda and Ronald Stehling
Michael and Amanda Stevens
Richard Stevens
Camey Stewart
Al and Lisa Stinson
Stinson Family Foundation
Kay Straube
Geraldine Striegler
Steve and Helen Stringer
Edward R. Stroeher
Roy Stroeher
Roy E. and Annabel D. Stroeher by Their Children
Stroeher & Olfers, Inc.
Roy and Carol Strom
Larry and Kathy Stull
Herbert Stumberg, Jr.
Bruce and Leslie Sukaly
Frank and Claire Svrcek
Talk of the Town
Tanglewood Interests
Dr. Tom and Kay Telle
Texas Oncology
Texas Regional Bank
John and Marilyn Thomas
Daniel Thompson
Susie Thompson
DeDe Threadgill
Rev. Ray and Deborah Tiemann
William A. Tietz
Annette and Bill Tilley
Charlie Tingle
Ellen Tippetts
Deena Todd
Sue E. Todd
Kathy A. Tolan
George Toone
Ray and Jane Tolson
Vannesa Tosoni, Co.
Larry and Janie Trantham
Anne M. Traver
William and Betty Treude
Leonard A. Tschirhart
Tubby’s Ice House
Twisted Sisters Bake Shop
Dr. and Mrs. Leo Tynan
Claudia Ubinas – Frias
Lena Mae Ulrich
Terri Ulrich
John R. and Judith A. Unger
University Health System
Paul and Jaydean Urban
Don Urbanec
Rita Urbanek
Mrs. Simona A. Valdez
Ron Vantz
Patricia and Weldon Vaughan
Betty Vernon
Dolores Vinas
Katelyn Vinklarek
Maureen Wagner
Lois Wagoner
Bill and Mary Anne Waldrip
Chris Wallendorf
Janice Walters
Dr. Martha Walton
John and Evelyn Washburne
Sarah Washburne
The Washburne Family owners of Side Street Hospitality – Hoffman Haus, Tubby’s, Otto’s, La Bergerie and Caliche Coffee
Dawn Waters
Bobby Watson
Gerald Watson
Jerry Watts
George and Esther Weber
Jean Weber
Michael and Michelle Weberpal
Beverly Weidenfeller
Jay and Anne Weinheimer
Alfred and Janet Weinzierl
West Point Thouroughbreds
Lee Ann Whatley
Linda White and Family, In Memory of Edward White
Mary Lou and Rex White
Paul White
Keith and Eileen Whited
Stacy Whittemore
David and Nancy Wieting
Christopher and Stephanie Wilde
Wildseed Farms – John and Marilyn Thomas
Mrs. Mable Wilke and Ms. Raynell Wilke
Barbara Wilkinson
Charmaine Williams
Gayle and Cyndie Williams
Dr. Oliver and Angelica Williams
Marc and Camille Williamson
Todd and Karen Willingham
John and Megan Willome
Willow Room Spa
Mary and Harold Wills
Fred and Becky Wilson
Preston Wilson and Mary W. Heidtke
Wingman Imagery
Roger Winter
Sherrill Winter
Laurie Witt
Fred H. Witters
Ron and Jane Woellhof
Woerner Warehouse
Stacey and Mark Woods
Jennifer Wooten
Dennis and Lynn Yeager
The Yellow Doors Studio
Dr. David and Karen Young
Young, MD and Medical Aesthetics
Dr. John and Mrs. Gay Youngblood
Spencer and Janice Youngblood
James and Melody Yuhn
Wayne and Vicki Zimmermann