Our, we, us, everyone. If you have chosen to live near HCM or use its services, this mission is something we share with you. It’s unique to us, we own it, and we control its destiny to some degree through our efforts, support and generosity.

The money we raise, together, all benefits Hill Country Memorial Hospital, but HCM is not just a hospital. It’s an entire system that provides health care far outside the walls of the main campus.

You will find it in homes, in clinics for surrounding towns and even at our deathbeds. That care is here. Convenient and close. We don’t need to drive far to find expert hands attached to familiar faces who are ready to serve us. Because of community, the likelihood that you will know your care providers personally is almost certain. They aren’t just motivated by their duty as a physician or nurse, but by the fact that they know you and will see you again at the grocery store, on the street or in the school pickup line. That’s why having it here is so important.

Finally, it must be here always. Without the basic human need for care when our health needs it, we lose some of the glue that allows this community to thrive. Without it, we would be driving far and wide as needs arise, receiving care from people we don’t know and won’t see again. Is that the future we want to for our children and children’s children? No! We want this unique experience to carry onward, just as it was founded for our well-being by the generations before us.

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