We are excited you are here and hope you find this activity fun! While it’s not quite the same as the Wildflower Run, one of the Neighborhood Fit Trails follows the same path. There are three routes currently set-up, if you would like to bring the Fit Trail to your community please contact the HCM Wellness Center!

If you find yourself out on the trail, take a picture and tag the HCM Wellness Center on Facebook or Instagram.


Each Neighborhood Fit Trail has 10 activities that can be modified for any fitness level.
To learn how to modify each of the activities, check out our instructional video. 

Click the link below to download a pdf.

Trail Exercise Sheet



Wildflower Walk Fit Trail:
2 miles
Click here to view the Google map.


Cross Mountain Fit Trail:
1 mile
Click here to view the Google Map.


Lady Bird Johnson Park:
Click here to view the Google Map.


Give Wellness

Thank you for taking part of HCM Wellness Center’s Neighborhood Fit Trail.
If you would like to give back and help support future wellness activities, please consider Give Wellness.


Every gift matters when it comes to keeping our health care here, always.
Thank you for being a part of this community.