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the spread of the Delta Variant has caused an increase in the number of COVID positive cases and hospitalizations in the region. It is encouraging to see that those who are vaccinated appear to be protected from the Delta Variant. Those who are unvaccinated remain at high risk for contracting COVID and we must continue to be persistent on precautions.

Current Case Count

To learn more about current case counts in Texas visit >> 

To keep ourselves and our communities safe, it is imperative that we remain diligent in the proven safety measures to prevent the spread including the following:

  1. Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth
  2. Stay six feet apart from those who don’t live with you
  3. Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated indoors spaces
  4. Wash your hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer
  5. If you have not yet done so, get a COVID-19 vaccine

The CDC continues to update information on its website including details about the Delta and other variants.
Please follow this link to learn more


For further questions please email or call 830-990-6648

Vaccination Information Vaccination Information The Hill Country COVID Clinic closed on June 1 however, local retail pharmacies are offering vaccinations daily. Please use the Vaccine Finder Tool if you are needing a Dose 1 of the Moderna Vaccine, J&J or Pfizer. Request a replacement COVID Vaccination Card: 1. Contact your Primary Care Provider for a copy of… Learn More