HASA: HIE Resource [English] 

HASA: HIE Resource [Spanish]

HASA is a non-profit, Texas-based, multi-region collaboration building a secure infrastructure between healthcare providers’ electronic health records (EHRs), making it possible to exchange information across differing platforms.

This connection enables local health care providers and patients to access electronic patient records with other participating health care providers throughout the state of Texas, according to Jim Hoag, COO.

“We help connect the community of health care providers and patients,” Hoag said. “This results in an improved experience for both providers and patients, regardless of hospital affiliation.”

Being part of HIE holds several advantages for medical personnel and patients:
  • allows healthcare providers to access clinical patient information in real time, when care is needed
  • empowers patients by giving them access to their own medical records
  • aggregates an individual’s medical information in one location, reducing duplication and the possibility of unnecessary procedures
  • allows quicker access to critical information in the event of a medical emergency
  • lets primary care physicians better manage their patients’ health
  • provides analytics to help identify trends and anticipate health issues in high-risk populations

Hoag notes that HASA’s infrastructure is built to ensure privacy and security of the patient’s record. The data is secure, encrypted, both at rest and in transit, and meets all federal and state requirements for privacy and security. Only providers treating the patient have access to that patient’s record.

HCM’s commitment to HIE has meant many area physicians are also joining, according to CEO, Phil Beckett, PhD.

“We are thrilled to have Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg now connected to HASA,” Beckett said. “We are proud to provide health information exchange services to the Fredericksburg community so that they can easily share patient records securely and electronically among all the patient’s providers in the HASA service area. We are looking forward to supporting and helping Hill Country Memorial meet its clinical goals.”

More information on HASA is available at www.hasatx.org.