Early detection

The Hill Country Memorial Breast Center is determined to protect you and your loved ones from breast cancers and tumors. That’s why we screen regularly and empower our patients to do self-exams, because early detection can make all the difference.

Modern, Feminine Breast Care 3D Mammography Has Arrived

Your partner in breast health has a new instrument to fight breast cancer. The latest digital mammography technology is now available at Hill Country Memorial for the community.

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What this means for you
  • Fewer repeat scans (15-40% less) for additional testing, which reduces patient anxiety and costs
  • Improved imaging for dense breast tissue decreases the need for additional diagnostic imaging
  • A 40% increase in detection of invasive breast cancers
  • A 27% increase in detection of all breast cancers
Clearer Images—the First Time

3D technology captures images of the breast from different angles to produce a highly accurate picture. This allows radiologists to see smaller cancers with much more detail than a traditional 2D mammogram. That means more cancers found and fewer repeat scans.

Who should get a mammogram?
  • 40+ It’s a must! Physician referral for annual screening exam not required unless you are symptomatic.
  • <40 If you have symptoms or have a family history of breast cancer, see your doctor for a referral.
  • 60+ Keep getting your annual mammograms. Age is the second greatest risk factor for getting breast cancer.
  • Annual well woman check-ups including a physical exam by your doctor and monthly breast self-exams are your best tools for preventing breast cancer.
Reward Yourself

Even with the best technology, it is a challenge to ensure that women get the mammograms they need. More than 5,000 women in Gillespie County alone do not get their mammograms every year.

Beginning in 2015, a new initiative will reward women who receive a mammogram with a little shopping. The PINK CARD, a card with discounts from local retailers, will be given to women as our thanks for staying healthy.

HCM Breast Center Amenities
  • Screening results ready within 6 business hours*
  • 5-star patient ratings and reviews
  • Spa-like robes and with complimentary toiletries
  • Comfort pads upon request
  • More than 45 years combined mammography experience with an all female staff
  • Complimentary coffee and tea in waiting area
  • Most insurance plans accepted

*based on patient volume

Peace of Mind

HCM holds a monthly Breast Conference of medical professionals who review every breast biopsy case done at HCM.

Something doesn’t feel right?

Self-checks and regular screenings are essential to catching cancer early. It can be an uneasy topic to discuss, but Hill Country is here to guide you with expert care, cutting edge imaging technology for higher detection rates, and comforting, personalized treatment.

As an added incentive to test early, and regularly at HCM, we have reached agreements with various local and regional businesses to offer discounts and free products/services with our HCM Breast Center Pink Card. It’s just one of the many ways we help you live a healthier, happier life.

The Breast Center’s digital mammography service is part of an innovative, multidisciplinary breast program that includes:
  • Breast MRI – a noninvasive procedure that produces 2D and 3D images
  • Ultrasound – a breast-specific imaging process that uses sound waves to create an image without radiation
  • Sentinel node biopsy – a surgical procedure that can determine if a breast tumor has spread
  • A Breast Conference of surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, oncologists and specialized technologists review every breast biopsy done at HCM
  • An innovative tumor marking procedure reduces potential surgery error to nearly zero

Call 830-990-6181 to schedule your mammogram today or click here to request an appointment online.

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