Hill Country Memorial’s surgeons utilize industry-leading equipment to provide safety, peace of mind and positive results for our patients. Our general surgeons specialize in abdominal procedures including stomach, small bowel, colon liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Our general surgeons also specialize in breast surgery, hernia surgery and endoscopy–colonoscopies and upper GI endoscopies.

Da Vinci Surgical System – the latest innovation in Hill Country Care.
Hill Country Memorial is constantly updating our facilities with the latest techniques and most sophisticated equipment available. In July of 2018, we acquired the da Vinci X robotic surgical system – bringing one of our most advanced medical systems to the Hill Country area.

The da Vinci X surgical system allows our surgeons to amplify their skill with precision to control micro-surgeries. This breakthrough device is guided by two tiny cameras for increased visibility and enhanced maneuverability. Benefits of the Da Vinci system for patients include less invasive procedures, reduced postoperative pain, decreased risk for infection and a faster recovery.

Procedures that currently use the da Vinci X robotic surgical system:
• General Surgery – Hernia repair, bowel surgery and gallbladder removal
• Women’s Health Surgeries – Hysterectomies and pelvic reconstruction procedures
• Men’s Health Surgeries – Prostatectomies and certain kidney surgeries, including cancer removal and reconstructive surgeries

Breast Surgery
At Hill Country Memorial, we offer more than surgery. We offer reassurance and support during an uncertain time.

Our caring physicians are available to patients every step of the way. From the initial consultation to post-procedure recovery, we’re here for you and your family.

We provide treatment such as: Sentinel Node Biopsy, Mastectomy, Reconstruction Lumpectomy, Radiation Therapy, and care coordination with oncology.

Hernia surgery
A small fix with big results.

Every week, patients leave with their bodies repaired and pain eliminated. Inguinal hernias (the most common type) can typically be repaired through a safe and common 45-minute procedure. In most cases, these patients are usually released from the hospital shortly after surgery.

Contact a General Surgeon about a hernia surgery today.