The discovery of cancer or a blood disorder can be one of the most frightening and stressful times of life. But if one thing is certain, at Hill Country Memorial, you will never go through it alone.

With significant advances in both detection capabilities and treatment options, today there’s more hope than ever. Hill Country Memorial has a powerful partnership with Texas Oncology to offer premium therapies and treatment for oncology and hematology care. The highly-skilled physicians at Texas Oncology specialize in the treatment of cancer and diseases of the blood. So, if you ever have to comprehend the unimaginable, you will be in great hands.

As crucial as diagnosis and treatment are to fighting cancer, the team at Hill Country Memorial understands that there is a lot more to oncology than just medicine. Our specialists are dedicated to providing personalized care with compassion and empathy. We know what our patients are going through because we go through it together.

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