The physical therapists at Hill Country Memorial are dedicated to helping patients recover from accidents, intensive surgeries or the loss of abilities over time. By providing physical therapy with an emphasis on care, we help our patients regain their strength, rehabilitate their bodies, and reduce pain.

Our physical therapists use a variety of different methods to help you get your life back.


Some of the treatments include:
  • Joint replacement recovery *
  • Customized home exercise programs *
  • Fall prevention training *
  • Home safety instruction *
  • Strengthening *
  • Energy conservation *
  • Gait training *
  • Balance work *
  • Endurance work *
  • Incontinence muscle education
  • Pain management strategies *
  • Ultrasound
  • E-Stim
  • Infrared laser treatment
  • TENS Unit
  • Needling *

To learn more about physical therapy services in Fredericksburg, please visit our clinic or call 830.997.1357.

*Note: Select services are available at the HCM Medical Clinic in Marble Falls – Central, please call 830.992.2830 for more information.