Welcome Back:

The HCM Wellness Center will always be here for our community and your wellness journey.  We welcome you with open arms (at a safe distance) to empower you to have a happy and healthy life. We will continue to update this page with information over time.

HCM Wellness Center is unable to offer child care at this time. 

Register for Workouts:
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GroupEx Classes
To make reservations for Group Exercise classes at the HCM Wellness Center.

HCM Wellness Center POOL
To make reservations for POOL activities (lap swim, arthritis therapy, water walking, etc.). This is not for Group Exercises Classes in the pool. Aqua classes have priority in the arthritis therapy pool.

Fitness Equipment Workout
To make reservations to workout in the HCM Wellness Center using our fitness equipment.

HCM Fit Kids Camp The HCM Wellness Center’s Fit Kid Camps have your whole summer and holiday taken care of. Each week brings a new activity or sport—all designed to keep kids moving, interacting and playing.

Email Updates:

Email #1 → Welcome Back
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Email #2 → Reservations and Class Scheduling
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Email #3 → Updates on Opening
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Occupancy Update:


  1. HCM Wellness Center Re-open Guidelines
  2. Health History Form: To be submitted on first visit, you can email the form or by before June 1.
  3. Code of Conduct: To be submitted on first visit, you can email the form or by before June 1.
  4. Massage Client Intake Form
  5. How to use EventBrite:
  • HCM Wellness Center and Using Eventbrite Reservations System
  • HCM Wellness Center is using three EventBrite “Organizers” for reservations
  • You can only book time on the Organizer’s area of responsibility.
  • HCM Wellness Center recommends making an account on EventBrite.com.  We also recommend you “Follow” the Organizer/Calendars as you will be alerted to the opening of new reservation blocks.
Organizer or Calendar Reservations for: Time Block
Group Exercise Classes Group Exercise Classes (all classes, land or pool) The classes’ schedule, typically one hour
Member Services Desk Fitness Center Exercise Equipment in the Strength, Circuit, and Cardio Rooms One hour blocks of time within schedule: Mon. – Fri.5-11 AM, 3-7 PM
HCM Wellness Center POOL Pool or Swimming Exercise: lap swimming, arthritis therapy Three hour blocks of time within schedule: Mon. – Fri.5-8 AM, 8-11 AM, and 3-7 PM



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