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HCMH Foundation

HCMH Foundation

"A hospital's work is never done; its equipment is never complete; it is always in need of new means of diagnoses, of new instruments and medicines; it is to try all things and to hold fast to that which is good."

-- J. Hardin Perry, M.D., HCM co-founder

Since 1989, Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation has been the fund-raising arm of Hill Country Memorial. The promise of health care philanthropy is the ability to change lives and the power to save lives. Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation develops the resources that help keep and expand that promise to the people who trust us to care for them. Access to health care, both preventive and restorative, is essential to all people. It is only natural that the people who can benefit from hospital services want to take the lead in supporting their health care institution. Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation is committed to advancing the promise of life through philanthropy.

One of the foundation’s chief resources continues to be the very people who built the original hospital in 1971: area residents. Years before the foundation’s doors opened, volunteers began raising funds to build the original hospital. Hailed as the greatest community effort in the history of Gillespie County, the vision for great health care in the Texas Hill Country remains strong today. Over the years, the foundation has developed exceptional patient care programs, provided state-of-the-art equipment and has embarked on several major expansion projects which have allowed the hospital to meet the needs of a growing community.