Our community has been blessed throughout the decades by the presence of visionary leaders who felt that the health care needs of the community were their first priority. One such leader was Don Holden. While working tirelessly on the day-to-day challenges of developing the hospital, he had a larger vision that would ultimately provide for the future of the hospital, the establishment of an endowment fund and a foundation to support the hospital.

In 1989, this vision was achieved with the formation of the Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation. Long-time resident and active member of the community, James F. Kemp was selected as chairman of the new foundation board. Kemp acknowledged that the hospital was the cornerstone of the community and that the creation of the Foundation would help ensure its future growth and success.

Since that time, Foundation has given financial support to the hospital and its tax-exempt entities through various fundraising strategies including special events, grant requests, major gifts, year-end appeals and capital campaigns.