Everything’s gone digital and that applies to mammography techniques too!

Providing the most detailed views of even dense breast tissue, 3D mammograms offer several advantages to patients and physicians alike.

3D Mammography is available at Hill Country Memorial Hospital. This highly advanced technology actually combines multiple images in one 3D picture that is clearer and offers more visual information from every angle. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased detection of all breast cancers, including the most invasive types.
  • Reduced waiting time for results that also equals reduced stress for you! Images can be stored, sent to your doctor and viewed electronically with software enhancement for more precise interpretation over traditional x-ray imaging.
  • Fewer repeat scans for potentially less stress and expense too.
  • The ability to detect smaller cancers that may not have been otherwise visible thanks to the larger dynamic range that affords views of all areas of the breast and tissues.

 Because 3D mammogram technology captures and combines 3D pictures and standard 2D images, it gives doctors a more comprehensive perspective and ability to analyze the resulting views. Keep in mind that mammography combined with breast self-exams are crucial for early breast cancer detection.

For more information please check out the many resources available at the HCM Breast Center: https://www.hillcountrymemorial.org/services/breast-care/