Just getting started at the gym?

This plan will help you strategically navigate the fitness center floor so you can target four crucial types of exercise:


Your goal: Increase your breathing and heart rate with aerobic activity.


    • Treadmills: Try walking briskly on a comfortable incline or lightly jogging.
    • Stationary bikes: Pedal while maintaining a steady but increased heart rate.
    • Other endurance equipment includes:
    • Elliptical
    • Stair-climbers
    • Rowing machines


Your goal: Make your muscles stronger by lifting weights.


  • Free weights: Also known as dumbbells, free weights require more muscular stability than a weight machine. Start with two light weights as you practice bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep extensions.
  • Mats: Try working against your own body weight with lunges or squats. You may also use a stability ball, which can help with core exercises.


Your goal: Improve your balance to prevent falls, which is a common risk for older adults.


  • Mats: Practice standing on one foot, then the other. Or try holding a side plank for 15 seconds on each side.


Your goal: Stretch your muscles to give you more freedom of movement.


    • Mats: You can stretch all areas of your body

If you are unsure about how to properly use a machine or perform a particular exercise, ask a HCM Wellness Center team member!

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