HCM is by your side!

While your primary doctor and your orthopedist or rheumatologist work to find the source of and treat your neck or back pain, HCM provides the programs you need to maintain your daily living activities and build your strength.

HCM’s Home Care specialists understand the importance of maintaining mobility and managing pain, and they offer an array of services from medical assistance to meal preparation and light cleaning.

HCM’s outpatient therapy program is also here for you. Once you begin this program, your physical therapist will be with you for as long as you need, providing one-on-one treatment. Your therapist’s goal will be to restore your neck or back to healthy and strong.

HCM is your partner in fighting your neck or back pain. From the moment that you decide to do something about your pain, HCM is by your side, leading you to a stronger and more active you.

Contact your physician or one of our Orthopedic Specialists today.