Thanks to a new virtual system, patients checking into Hill Country Memorial will soon be able to complete the registration process online before arriving for a scheduled procedure.

The Virtual Intake Manager (VIM) from PELITAS provides a safe and convenient intake experience according to Ruben Ramirez, HCM Patient Access Manager.

“This system can be used for a planned upcoming procedure,” Ramirez said. “If you have been through the registration process in person, you know it can take time. This will allow for a more streamlined patient experience on the front end.”

How it works:

About five days before a scheduled procedure, a patient will receive a text or email with a link that takes them to the VIM website. No login or password is required.

After verifying personal information, the site will send the patient to a virtual intake management control page where it will display all information regarding the visit. The patient will be guided in filling out new patient demographic information. One feature is the ability to scan and upload important documents such as a photo ID and insurance cards.

The patient will be able to review all forms and sign them electronically from their phone or tablet. At that point, the forms are loaded and integrated into the HCM electronic record system.

On the day of the procedure, the patient will enter at Admissions as before. Those using the VIM system will be able to electronically check in with a smartphone. When ready, the Registrar will message the patient through VIM and advise them to proceed to a specific registration booth. Here, the patient identification and banding will take place before moving to the appropriate service department.

“With the virtual intake, you might spend a minute or two checking in rather than the typical 7 to 8 minutes,” Ramirez said, noting that those who choose not to utilize VIM will still have the traditional registration process available. “Entering patients through this system will allow us to move them through the workflow electronically, and communicate with them all in one place.”

The VIM will be used with any procedures scheduled at HCM including surgeries, MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, endoscopies, infusions, wound care, and mammography.

Once the Virtual Intake Manager is fully implemented, the hope is to have a high percentage of participation.

“We really want to have a high adoption rate,” Ramirez said. “We have learned after dealing with COVID that our community is more tech-savvy than some initially assumed. Consumer digital health solutions can provide a more effective experience for our patients. They really are ready to embrace sophisticated tools like this one for more efficiency and convenience. HCM has always put the patient experience at the forefront. I personally believe VIM is the next step in continuing to enhance that experience and satisfaction for those we serve.”

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