Promoting heart health for women is more than a slogan for Amanda Stevens, Executive Director of HCM Brand and Foundation.

“It is important to me personally because my mom has heart disease,” Stevens said. “She was quite young when she started showing signs of heart disease that fewer people recognize in women.”

Symptoms of heart disease in women are different from the ones common in men. For example, jaw pain or back pain may be signs of heart issues that need to be checked out, even in younger women.

With two active daughters, it is even more important for Stevens to raise awareness of the importance of heart health. She and her husband, Michael, have made leading a healthy lifestyle a family affair.

“Our girls are competitive dancers, so we are finding that is a thing the family can do. I take dance classes, and sometimes even perform on stage with my girls!”

She also noted one of the organization’s newest initiatives is to “Give Wellness,” taking health and wellness into the community, with classes, health screenings, and the expansion of the HCM Wellness Center.

“We want to show what you can do to prevent heart disease rather than just treat it, meeting you where you are in your own health journey, so you can live your healthiest and greatest life.”

As head of the Foundation, Stevens also espouses the benefits of giving back to the healthcare organization, both in volunteer time and financial donations.

“The act of giving and making contributions is part of a balanced life. It has a double benefit–you are making a gift and seeing immediate results, all while investing in the community for many generations to come.”

Amanda Stevens, FAHP, MBA, CFRE is the Executive Director of HCM Brand and Foundation.  In 2018, Amanda was recognized by the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy as one of their inaugural 40 under 40 leaders in healthcare development.