Just in time for New Year resolutions, Hill Country Memorial Wellness Center is introducing its “New Year, New You” initiative.

“Everyone gets off track over the holidays, so we are offering a reset,” said Kim Thornton, Senior Dietitian and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. “We encourage everyone to take a look at their lives and focus on what they feel they can work on, and what they are ready to work on, to take care of themselves.”

Thornton laid out three areas where the Wellness Center will be providing guidance:

1) Exercise
The Center schedules all versions of workouts–group classes, personal training, strength and cardio.

2) Nutrition
The nutrition counseling program focuses on a targeted approach to improving dietary habits, with goals that are “specific and measurable.” Examples include scheduling regular meals, eating fruit instead of chips as snacks, or cutting soda intake.

3) Mental Health
With the challenges associated with the pandemic this past year, Thornton notes many have struggled.

“Mental health is a big issue,” she said. Exercise is good for mental health and can be as effective as a pill you might take for depression or anxiety. Exercise also helps you sleep better, which affects mood.”

The main emphasis of “New Year, New You” is the importance of keeping a regular routine of exercise, good nutrition, and good mental health strategies. Even through the renovations and additions planned for 2021 at the Wellness Center, Thornton assures members that their wellness needs will be met.

“We will still hold group classes and individual workouts throughout our facility renovation,” she said. “Cardiovascular and strength training equipment will be accessible. The pool will be open with individual swimming times and group classes. We will keep offering nutritional counseling. We are going to keep the Wellness Center available for you–no matter what is happening.”

For more information about the HCM Wellness Center, call (830) 997-1355 or visit online at www.hillcountrymemorial.org/services/wellness-center/