HCM is here with an orthopedic plan that is right for you

So, you’ve talked to your doctor about your shoulder pain, and you’re receiving physical therapy. You may have also met with an orthopedic surgeon (an orthopedist). But you’re still feeling the pain, and it’s starting to impact your lifestyle even more. You’d like to continue to live as independently as possible, but some basic tasks, such as reaching for something on a high shelf or washing your hair, are becoming increasingly difficult.

Depending on the type and source of your shoulder pain, your doctor may refer you to a rheumatologist. A rheumatologist specializes in arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Like an orthopedist, your rheumatologist will go over your medical history with you and will conduct a physical exam. Next steps will depend on your diagnosis and the best treatment options to deal with your specific needs.

In relation to the specific condition, other doctors and healthcare professionals, such as pain specialists, may be involved in treating your orthopedic conditions. HCM offers interventional pain management that is focused on improving your pain and enhancing your quality of life. Our Pain Management providers can respond to a wide variety of pain, including pain resulting from degenerative disc disease and arthritis, and they have expertise in a range of pain management procedures.

If your shoulder pain is changing your daily life and keeping you from doing the things you want and need to do, talk to your doctor about next steps. Relief may be only a phone call away.

Contact your physician or one of our Orthopedic Specialists today.