While you can’t predict when a serious sports injury is going to happen, you can prepare for it.
Below are common injuries and the appropriate care for each:

      • Sprains:
        Sprains occur after ligaments are stretched beyond their capacity or torn. The familiar rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE) method is the most effective immediate response to a sprain. If the pain or swelling does not subside in a few days, a visit to your doctor is recommended.
      • Fractures:
        If you suspect you may have a broken bone, the worst thing to do is try to “tough it out.” Fractures are serious and immediate medical attention should be sought regardless of the severity
      • Knee injuries:
        Knee injuries are usually followed by feelings of instability, buckling and pain. Walking or running on a torn or partially torn ligament can also cause serious damage to your knee cartilage. Therefore, the best course of action is to avoid walking on it and utilize the RICE method until you are able to see your doctor.
      • Dislocation:
        Arguably one of the most painful injuries one can experience, a joint dislocation is an emergency situation that requires medical treatment. Don’t try to move or force a dislocated joint back into place. It can further damage muscles, ligaments or nerves. The best course of action? Icing it until you can get professional help.

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