Why did you want to become a family medicine physician and a primary care provider?
I love taking care of patients of all ages—from newborns to the elderly—and the family as a whole. It’s great getting to know families, watching them grow and building long-term relationships with them. And I enjoy the variety in my work. Family medicine physicians offer a wide range of services—from preventive care, such as wellness exams and immunizations, to acute care and chronic disease management.

How do you, as a primary care provider, work with your patients to improve their health?
Disease prevention is so important. I strongly encourage my patients to stay on track with their immunizations, as well as their yearly wellness exams and regular screening tests, so that if there is a problem we find and treat it early before it develops into something more serious. I enjoy working with my patients to help them find ways to develop healthier lifestyle habits—eating healthy, becoming more active, managing stress, quitting smoking. I can also refer patients to specialists when needed.

How would you describe your philosophy of care?|
I treat the whole person. Patients may come to see me for a specific physical problem, but it’s also important for me to consider their overall well-being. Mental health is a huge issue for me. I could be talking with a patient about her sore throat and find out she’s recently experienced a loss and is feeling anxious and depressed. Addressing those issues is another opportunity I have to improve that person’s health.