When joint replacement is the best response to your knee or hip pain, HCM has the right program for you!

You’ve done all the right things: talked to your doctor, followed your physical therapist’s instructions, and stuck to your pain management specialist’s guidelines. But your knee or hip pain persists, and now, it’s clear that the next step is needed. It may be time to talk about getting your joint replaced. The good news is that you’re in the right place to do it.

HCM’s Restore Program at The Remarkable Joint Center is with you every step of the way to get you back to healthy and comfortable living. Your Restore journey begins when you meet with your orthopedic surgeon and set your surgery date. Next, your primary doctor will conduct a physical exam to ensure that you’re ready for surgery. Both your orthopedic surgeon and your doctor will review your complete medical history, including your current medications, any previous surgeries, and your family history for diseases and disorders.

Next, it’s time to choose your Restore coach. A spouse, family member, or friend, this person will be by your side for your entire Restore journey, keeping you focused on your healing. Choose wisely!

Once you know your surgery date, it’s critical that you prepare for it by taking any supplements as directed by your surgeon, eating healthy foods, and quitting smoking. As well, you must complete any dental work at least 2 weeks prior to surgery to prevent infection, and you should begin a pre-surgery exercise program to build your strength and flexibility. Exercising now will mean a faster and easier recovery.

Some exercises to consider:

    • Armchair pushups: Raise your buttocks off the seat of a chair with arms, and hold that position for 5 seconds.
    • Ankle pumps: Point toes toward your nose and down again.
    • Quad sets: Lying on your back, push your quads down causing your heels to rise.
    • Gluteal sets: Squeeze and hold your buttocks together.
    • Abduction and adduction: Lying on your back, slowly slide your legs apart and back together again.

Your surgeon will provide a comprehensive, personalized list of pre-surgery exercises for you to follow. To ensure as rapid a recovery as possible, it’s important that you perform these exercises as directed.

You’re on the right track to less pain and a healthy lifestyle. Preparing for your joint replacement surgery by making healthy choices and by building your strength and flexibility will ensure that your recovery is as quick and comfortable as possible.

For more information on our Restore Joint Replacement program, contact one of our Orthopedic Specialists today.