At HCM, our goal is to make your time with us as stress-free and comfortable as possible

At this point, your surgery date has been set, you’re performing your pre-surgery exercises as directed by your surgeon, and you’re taking care of yourself by eating healthy and not smoking. Now, there are just a few more things that you’ll do to prepare for your surgery.

In the one to three weeks before your surgery, you’ll choose your Restore coach. A spouse, family member, or friend, this person will be by your side for your entire Restore journey, keeping you focused on your healing and helping you with your daily activities after your surgery. Choose wisely!

During these weeks, you’ll also need to stop taking aspirin and blood thinners. Your doctor will discuss these and any other medications with you. You’ll also want to pack your bag for your hospital stay, making sure to include comfortable clothes, your HCM patient guidebook, and personal hygiene items.

During the week before your surgery, a pre-admission nurse will call you to discuss any final details about your health and current medications and will give you an arrival time and an estimated time for the start of your surgery. This call means that you won’t have to register when you arrive at HCM. Again, we’re keeping things as stress-free as possible for you.

Two days before your surgery, you’ll take your first of three chlorhexidine skin prep showers to prevent infection. You should take the final shower on the morning of your surgery. Your surgeon will give you your chlorhexidine skin prep kit. Finally, the night before your surgery, you’ll need to stop eating and drinking.

While you’re in surgery, your family will wait in your private room. Once your surgery is completed, you’ll be taken to the Post Anethesia Care Unit where your vitals will be monitored, your pain control will be started, and you’ll be given a sling and an ice pack. From there, you’ll be taken to your room to begin your recovery. Now, it shouldn’t be long until you’re back to feeling healthy and strong!

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