Once your surgery date is set, you can begin to take action to ensure that your recovery is speedy

It’s critical that you prepare for your shoulder replacement surgery by taking any supplements as directed by your surgeon, eating healthy foods, and quitting smoking. As well, you should begin a pre-surgery exercise program to build your strength and flexibility. Exercising now will mean a faster and easier recovery.

Some exercises to consider:

    • Shoulder Flex Supine: Lying on your back, use your undamaged arm to gently raise your damaged arm up and over your head.
    • Shoulder External Rotation: Sitting in a chair, use your undamaged hand to hold your damaged arm at the wrist. Then, keeping the elbow of your damaged arm bent and at your side, move your forearm outward and away from your body.
    • Elbow Flex/Extend: Sitting or standing and with your arm at your side and your elbow straight, bend your arm upward and return to starting position.

Your surgeon will recommend these and other exercises designed to build your strength and flexibility. To ensure as rapid a recovery as possible, it’s important that you perform these exercises as directed and continue them until your surgery date. These are the same exercises that you’ll do following your surgery.

Also prior to your surgery, your anesthesia provider will review your medical history, test results, allergies, and current medications to tailor your anesthesia to your personal needs.

You’re on the right track to less pain and a healthy lifestyle. Preparing for your joint replacement surgery by making healthy choices and by building your strength and flexibility will ensure that your recovery is as quick and comfortable as possible.

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