What’s a microburst, you may ask? Well, it’s not a new kind of energy drink although it definitely can pep you up and get your heart pumping too! Microbursts are short, moderate to high intensity mini-workout sessions that don’t even require a trip to the gym or leaving home!

Microbursts can be:

  • 20 jumping jacks in the kitchen while you wait for the coffee to brew.
  • Running in place while you watch your favorite football team. (Or running out of the room if you can’t bear to watch!)
  • Try going up and down the stairs, knees-permitting, a few times during a TV commercial or if you’ve been sitting too long at the computer.

Get creative with ways you can get up and get going to break up long periods of being sedentary.

On weekends, how about tackling some housework like mopping the kitchen floor or sweeping the patio or deck? Make it a family affair and get the kids involved too – those leaves won’t rake themselves and surely there are weeds to be pulled and garages to be straightened. Painting the guest room may require more time than you have available at once, but over the course of a few days you could easily finish the job (especially if you have some helpers).

The benefit of microbursts isn’t limited to only doing household chores – take a quick jog around the block (your favorite pup will thank you too), grab the yoga mat, dust off those dumbbells and find the jump rope. Shoot a few hoops on the driveway or practice your golf swing in the backyard.

Whatever you do, the whole idea behind microbursts is to try and get in the recommended 150 minutes of activity each week in any way you can. Today’s lifestyles often involve sitting at a desk during the day and in front of the television at night streaming your favorite shows. Combined with more stressors and diets that emphasize convenience over nutrition, you could be setting yourself up for heart disease without even realizing it.

If it helps to set aside specific times to engage in microbursts, then do what works for you. Just commit to adding a few activities each week and you may be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get fit while you accomplish those items on your to-do list too!