The HCM Breast Center is fully open, fully-staffed, and booking appointments for the screening exam, according to Chelsea Jackson, Supervisor.

There is no reason to delay.

“Breast cancer is the #1 researched cancer in the world, and the screening mammogram is still the #1 way to detect breast cancer early,” Jackson said. “It’s the gold standard for early detection and so important for women’s health.”

After COVID closed down outpatient procedures for several months, many women are trying to catch up with their annual screenings, Jackson noted. Her staff is sending out reminders to those who are due for an exam.

“It is important they get it done annually,” she said.

In addition to the screening exam, the Breast Center offers other services such as the diagnostic mammogram and breast ultra sound, utilizing 3D digital technology that providers a composite of views with reduced exposure.

To make the experience more comfortable, staff now provide comfort pads upon request.

Most current recommendations are that women begin getting annual breast exams at age 40, or earlier if there is a family history. Generally, annual screenings are covered by insurance, and the Center offers self-pay options. Jackson recommends individuals check with their medical care providers and insurers.

Meanwhile, she encourages all women to take time to care for themselves.

“One of the best things we tell our patients when they come in is to make sure they’re also doing their monthly self breast exam,” Jackson said. “Because they know their breast better than anybody else. If they catch it earlier, when they come in see us and we can typically find it.”

To schedule a mammogram, contact the HCM Breast Center at
830-990-6181 or visit to request an appointment online.

808 Reuben St., Fredericksburg, TX 78624